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    Here's the results you get when listening to Love Gun and The Ventures Play Batman Theme while watching Ultraman. He's also guitarist for The Box and Mange l'Ours Mange


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    Actual drummer for The Box, he also played with many others, live and in the studio: Ginette Reno, Johanne Blouin, Mange l'Ours Mange, Praxis etc... «Playing drums in a surf band is like being an Oyster in a shell» he recently declared while interviewing himself.

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    Guest Organ Player with profits in mind.

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    Band gear guru with a taste for garlic.


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surf guitar

surf guitar Surf music is a genre of popular music associated with surf culture, particularly as found in Orange County and other areas of Southern California. It was especially popular from 1961 to 1966, has subsequently been revived and was highly influential on subsequent rock music.

It has two major forms: largely instrumental surf rock, with an electric guitar or saxophone playing the main melody, largely pioneered by Dick Dale and the Del-Tones, and vocal surf pop, including both surf ballads and dance music, often with strong harmonies that are most associated with The Beach Boys. Many notable surf bands have been equally noted for both surf instrumental and surf pop music, so surf music is generally considered as a single genre despite the variety of these styles.During the later stages of the surf music craze, many groups started to leave surfing behind and write songs about cars and girls; this was later known as hot rod rock.Surf music is often referred to as simply surf rock, even though the genre has many forms. From Wikipedia.




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Mosrite - les surftronics

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15 Jul


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Drums, terminé

19 Apr

Drums done. 15 songs in 3 days!

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06 Feb

The Surftronics are now starting the recording on their first album. They also working on a new show for next summer.




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  • Courriel – info@thesurftronics.com Téléphone – 819 425-2425
  • Adresse – 170 chemin des Amoureux, Mont-Tremblant (Québec) J8E 2A6
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